An exclusive evening with Victoria Beckham

Jun 21, 2019 | Past Events

London Womens Forum Networking London

As part of our London Women’s Forum speaker series of events, Yolaine Kermarrec and Tara Kengla of EY hosted an exclusive event with Victoria Beckham at her store in Mayfair.

A unique and exclusive event with Jo Ellison of the Financial Times who held a captivating conversation with Victoria, on her career journey from pop music to luxury fashion, from empowering girls to empowering women.

Attendees were from 19 member firms by invitation only.

Guests were given a insider’s view of the work behind being the creative director for the Victoria Beckham business in a competitive luxury landscape, creative determination and focus it takes to grow an ever-evolving brand.

Conversation centred around Victoria as an entrepreneur in luxury fashion, from her drive to empower women through fashion to her focus by always thinking of what’s next, rather than what’s now.  It was captivating to hear about her continued persistence to become a renowned global businesswoman and her determination and challenges in further developing her business into beauty this fall.

The event was followed by a delightful shopping and networking session. We hope to repeat this success in the coming months with another event and opportunity to engage in conversation with another successful entrepreneur.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the excellent event that you all organised with Victoria Beckham. It was such a talking point, inspirational and very, very well executed” – Celia Larkin, Senior Director, Manager Sales, The Asset Management Exchange.

“Thank you for a great evening. I found it fascinating and a very ‘different’ LWF event” – Debbie Lawrence, Head of Content, Refinitiv.

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