Explainer: stock options (& their role in the gender pay gap)

Apr 23, 2024 | Research

London Womens Forum Networking London

In September 2021, the Wall Street Journal published an article describing how a lack knowledge of equity compensation could be contributing to the gender pay gap. This article explores how a potential lack of understanding and knowledge may be contributing to disparities in the system.
Read the full article here.

Climate, Just Transition and Women

London Women's Forum joined HSBC to discuss the intersectionality of climate and gender equality, with a focus on how a just transition could address historic inequalities and build a greener, fairer society. Read more about this event here.

Passion to Perform

Passion to Perform

In a world of self-care and committing to being our authentic selves for our own sense of fulfilment, the most recent Passion to Perform event – Achieving Full Potential – paid great testament to that. This was the third event in a series sponsored by London Women’s...