Sekai Mutambirwa

Global Senior Manager, Strategic Capabilities at HSBC Digital

The Strategic Capabilities team sits in the Global Strategy, Innovation and Partnerships space in the Digital Bank, exploring:

  • Strategic development: engaging with internal business units to uncover potential use cases to match the fintech solutions to.
  • Business development: engaging the fintech and ‘tech titan’ community to source new technologies and approaches to business and banking problems and opportunities.
  • Proof of Concept: through our Innovation Lab we ‘experiment’ with fintech solutions alongside potential use cases to show case them to the business leaders.

Sekai has worked for HSBC for almost 3 years with previous roles at: Barclays Wealth & Investments working on a robo-advisor running on IBM Watson AI, Lloyds Banking Group in with on a fintech accelerator programme and 5 years of business consulting at Dell/EMC and Oracle. Sekai has a keen interest in emerging technology, travel and loves watching disaster movies.