Kay White

Career coach and Mentor at Kay White

With over two decades of her own corporate career in international insurance broking in London, Kay now uses her experience, knowledge and life wisdom to coach  and mentor corporate career women. She also partners with organisations to accelerate, and stop them losing, the leadership potential of their female talent pipeline.

Endorsed by Dame Inga Beale, the first woman CEO of Lloyd’s of London, Kay’s book It’s Always Your Move identifies the 8 Proven Principles of Your Career Success Cycle – 8 hidden rules to “show women how to confidently and strategically navigate the twists and turns of their own unique career journeys” in any economy. Kay’s books are also endorsed by Dr Lois Frankel (Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office) and John Assaraf (The Secret).

Kay has empowered thousands of women to negotiate promotions, substantial pay increases, new roles and responsibilities, more flexible working hours and manage industry shifts both individually and inside organisations.