Stories are a common human experience that unite us all. They are a powerful means of connecting with each other and serve different functions. In this masterclass, by examining how stories work and why we are so drawn to them, participants will explore how they can utilise the art of storytelling in business to inspire and engage others. We are delighted to collaborate again with RADA Business to bring you this virtual masterclass, which will be delivered by Lisa Åkesson. This session will give participants:


  • Knowledge of the mechanics and structures of effective storytelling
  • Practical understanding of the application of story in business
  • Techniques to engage their team
  • An understanding of the power of language and the relationships it builds with others
  • Lessons in how to be a more powerful and inspirational leader


Lisa Åkesson is a highly experienced voice, personal impact and presentation skills trainer with a particular passion for empowering women. Her career spans over 20 years. Lisa achieved her PGDVS in Voice Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and is a Master Practitioner of NLP.