A leader needs influencing skills, the ability to to bring people round to your way of thinking about a certain matter, without force or coercion whilst being open and acknowledging others opinions.

In this masterclass, participants will explore their own behavioural style, and how they can recognise and understand different behavioural styles in others. They will learn how to flex their communication in order to build rapport, earn trust, manage challenging behaviours and influence the attitude of others. Delegates will have a chance to practice the skills in breakout rooms.

By the end of the masterclass, participants will have:

  • An awareness of their own behavioural style
  • An understanding of different behaviour types and how to recognise them
  • Skills to rapidly adapt their communication according to who they are speaking to
  • Explored key influencing techniques: Asserting, Bridging, Attracting, Persuading
  • Skills to build trust and rapport with others
  • Techniques to manage challenging behaviours
  • Tools to listen, observe, understand and adapt