London Women’s Forum is delighted to collaborate with RADA to bring you an interactive session, “Choose to Challenge”.

In celebration of the International Women’s Day 2021 mission, encouraging everyone to choose to challenge inequality, this interactive masterclass will explore how we can all confidently and effectively engage in challenging, inappropriate conversations at work. Develop your ability to call out non-inclusive behaviour with confidence, handle push back, manage your state and land your messages with skill. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge – together!


  • Understand how to use your breath to calm and centre yourself, in order to challenge others appropriately and effectively.
  • Discover how to speak up and call out non-inclusive behaviour, and make yourself heard.
  • Learn how to land your messages with assertion, rather than aggression.
  • Learn techniques to hold your space when challenging and being challenged, while maintaining connection with others.

The numbers are limited on this masterclass as it is interactive but, if it proves to be popular, we will run a second session within a few week so that all members who wish to can participate.

Please click on the righthand side to register. If you try to register and get a “sold out” message please email cleuma.nascimento and you will be given priority for the second session.