18 June 2020

Pathways Series – Creating an impact in a virtual world

London Women’s Forum is delighted to collaborate with RADA to bring you an interactive session on Creating an impact in a virtual world.

For many of us, communicating across virtual media is now a fundamental part of our everyday working life. How do we land our messages on a virtual stage and ensure we have as much authenticity, credibility and impact through a screen as possible? How do we also prepare and perform at our best online, whilst having back-to-back calls and juggling life at home? This highly interactive, fast-paced masterclass will examine the skills needed to maintain the appropriate level of engagement, credibility and executive presence in virtual meetings. It will give delegates the essential techniques to stand out and have your voice heard, as well as exploring common pitfalls to avoid. We will enable you to have as effective and powerful an interaction with your given audience as possible.

This interactive session will enable you to understand the following:

  • Setting up the Virtual Space: checklist – visibility & framing etc.
  • Energy levels, managing stress and preparation
  • Physical and vocal presence in virtual meetings – Body, Breath and Voice exercises
  • How to hold and own your space on screen
  • How to manage interruptions and being spoken over
  • Camera/microphone technique to increase speaker impact – intensity, pace, modulation, articulation, volume and eye contact choices
  • How to mute and leave a meeting if needs be for personal reasons at home


Tickets are sold out.