London Women’s Forum invites you to an interactive session on how to boost your confidence, and to remove the blocks which inhibit progression.

One of the biggest problems blocking career advancement, especially among women, is the lack of confidence and self-belief. It makes us feel stuck, frustrated and anxious. It stops us speaking up in meetings, asking for that promotion and even applying for a role we’re dreaming of.

To take your career to the next level, talent and knowledge is not enough. You need to have confidence to speak in social situations, convince senior management and present in front of an audience.

Key takeaways include:

  • The most common fears causing anxiety and lack of confidence
  • What is really blocking you personally to get to the next level
  • How to develop more clarity on what you want to achieve
  • Three practical methods to overcome fear
  • Three simple, actionable steps to implement straight away in the workplace

The format is interactive and by the end of the session you will feel positive, empowered and inspired to put what you learned in practice on that very same day.

Pauliina Jamsa is an engaging International speaker, life coach, stand-up comedian and responsible at Siemens for global enablement across 90 countries providing digital advice, leading agile projects and encouraging a fail-safe culture. She has lived in 5 countries, speaks 7 languages and has worked in agencies, start-ups and blue chips like SAP and Microsoft.