Examining the personal and leadership implications of the impostor phenomenon at work.

While the impostor phenomenon (aka syndrome) is currently gaining public attention, the breadth and scale of its impact on individuals is not well understood.

More so, the implications for leaders, organisations and teams are little known.

However, current research by Dr Terri Simpkin into the illogical, but very real experience of intellectual fraudulence, is now advancing over forty years of empirical investigation.

This work illustrates that current workplace concerns such as implicit bias, inequity, disengagement, gender pay gaps, productivity and innovation issues can be associated with the experience and behaviours of the impostor phenomenon (IP).

An underlying fear of failure, fear of being exposed as incompetent and perfectionist behaviours are robbing our people of satisfaction with work and our organisations of much valued talent.

From Faker to Fabulous takes a dual view of the impostor phenomenon and its impacts.  The session looks at the implications for individuals as well as how IP impacts and influences leaders and their behaviours in the workplace.

What’s the session about?

The interactive session identifies what IP is and where it comes from, highlighting how individual potential can be diminished.  Explore how IP can be overcome.

Uniquely, this session will also highlight implications for people leading others.

Add your voice to the data set and check your IP ‘score’ at http://www.quiz-maker.com/QUB0API