Being an effective and extraordinary leader in the world that we now live in demands a range of skills far beyond technical expertise. It requires outstanding communication skills and the ability to flex, and perform at your best in any scenario, on any stage. In this practical masterclass, participants will have the opportunity to explore what type of leader they are and the type of leader they could become.

Through a series of fast-paced exercises, delegates will discover their leadership preferences and habits, will be introduced to the different modes of leadership and learn techniques in order to expand their leadership performance. They will discover how to lead with agility, authority and impact in order to move their teams into action.

By the end of the masterclass, participants will have:

  • A greater awareness about their own leadership communication style
  • Understood the importance of embodying and flexing between different leadership modes (compassionate, authoritative, analytical and inspirational) quickly and effectively, according to the given situation.
  • Skills to communicate with greater authority, impact and credibility as a leader
  • Explored techniques to build status as a leader
  • Explored how to step out of their comfort zone and take risks