London Women’s Forum invite you to the first Career Pathways series event of 2017 which will be led by Kay White, a successful Career coach and author.

Naturally Boost Your Career Confidence
Communicate and influence with confidence, style and ease for your career (and life) success.

Do you find it hard to make your presence felt at times?
Do you notice yourself being ‘tuned out’ by others when it’s crucial they listen to you?
Do you know it’s time to step up and out but know you hold yourself back?

Business Communication Expert and Coach Kay White knows how frustrating and demoralising it can be when you’re not heard and the costs of it on your career progress. She also knows some simple steps which will help you boost your personal presence and enable you to be more engaging, influential and resourceful when communicating.

During her talk, Kay will share tips, strategies, mind-sets and exact words and phrases for you to use straight away, all designed to enable you to naturally attract the promotion, progress, recognition and rewards you deserve. There will be an opportunity for Q&A afterwards. In addition, LWF will set up a Follow On Q&A dial-in session with Kay on March 2 at 09:00 where attendees can talk through their experiences since the session, and get real time feedback and a brief reminder from Kay.

Kay White is Author of the number 1 best-selling book The A to Z of Being Understood and Founder of the multiple 6-figure mentoring company, Way Forward Solutions Ltd.

Kay shows experienced career women how to express themselves most effectively to attract more income and opportunity by understanding how to own, position and express their value and experience.

Drawing on the highs and lows of her own 20-year corporate career in international insurance broking (from secretary to Director level), Kay’s clients learn how to confidently attract promotion, recognition and rewards by leveraging their skills, opportunities and relationships (all without selling their souls).