Yolaine Kermarrec

Partner, Ernst & Young

Yolaine is a partner at EY, with over 16 years of experience in financial services in London, Paris, Brussels and Sydney.  She advises banks on complex regulatory change, finance transformation and accounting developments.  She currently leads EY’s UK Banking and Capital Markets Financial Accounting Advisory Services team, as well as EY’s IFRS 9 offering for Europe.  She brings practical experience gained from her previous industry experience at Deutsche Bank (2012-2015), where her latest role was COO for Credit risk management Structured Finance.   She holds an MBA from London Business School and Columbia Business School, and is Expert Comptable in France.

Yolaine has been actively engaged in connecting professional women for the last 8 years, via her roles in the EY Women’s Network leadership team, dbGo’s committee, and more recently LWF’s Board.

She is passionate about developing the female talent pipeline at EY by building up their confidence.  As a mother of a daughter, she is sending a very clear message to women, which shows you can successfully balance your family and professional life and get a lot of joy from both.  What she likes about LWF, is that LWF events are focused on business issues, and connecting female leaders through LWF, is good for the city as much as it is for women.

She and her husband felt blessed when their daughter wrote at school that, when she grows up, she “wants to become a boss, because girls should run the world” (!)

How has the position of women in financial services changed since your first job?

Not enough unfortunately.  We need more women at the top of the house in more companies, to create more female role models who can inspire and nurture young talent.