Sheila Fahy

PSL Counsel, Allen & Overy

Sheila describes herself on social media as a professional support lawyer whose mission is to bring colour, simplicity and rock and roll to UK employment law and practice. As a non-practising barrister, she joined Allen & Overy’s Employment team in 1997 as one of the country’s first professional support lawyers, and has been instrumental in elevating the role from back-office to somewhere more visible.

Described by many as a creative tour de force, Sheila focuses on designing and creating training and products for clients, and ensuring that both her internal legal team and external clients are ahead of the curve on employment law and market practice. She is one of the new breed of lawyers who are active on social media and delights in blogging. Her passions are equality, diversity and inclusion, with particular emphasis on neurodiversity and social inclusion.

Sheila mentors a number of women, preferring to work with those who are returning from maternity leave/career breaks, or women who quietly believe that they can do so much more.

What career advice would you go back and tell your 20-year-old self if you could?

Sadly, we rarely get to mix wisdom and experience with youth, but if I could go back there I would tell myself three simple things:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Don’t just fly. Soar
  3. Remember to invest and believe in others along the way.