Nikki Boore

Global Head of Customer Strategy and Insight, HSBC

Nikki has worked and grown within Financial Services for over 30 years, starting out at American Express and then on to HSBC; across many business lines both within Commercial and Retail space.

She has enjoyed mentoring many over the years and is passionate about helping people develop then recognise the talents they already have and how to make the best of them. She believes in the power of communication and actively works at passing on her own losses and learns, collected over the years. As a woman who is also a parent, Nikki find she is often approached to share her experience and knowledge on navigating and balancing parenthood whilst holding a senior position – she is always happy to share her experiences and tips!

Nikki is passionate about inspiring the future and helping young people prepare for that future.

She has been married for 22 years, lives on the South Coast and has a son with a passion for boxing and his football, that’s where a lot of spare time is focused. Nikki always finds time to fit in the gym and swimming which is her thinking and calm time.

What career advice would you go back and tell 20-year-old you if you could?

I would tell my work self, try everything, no decision is a wrong decision, it’s all about learning, gaining experience and understanding what makes you tick. You will eventually find your path, don’t waste time and energy trying to be great at everything, be the very best that you can be, in areas that you are already good at.